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Downtime: VI & Beast
Posted By Chris on Wednesday 18th July 2007 @ 10:52 PM | Filed Under: Maintenance

Downtime: VI & Beast

Between June 28th and July 7th, 2007, The Beast wasn’t operational whilst essential maintenance work was carried out. The period of closure was necessary as the gondola bearing of the Top Scan was being replaced. Last year, when the gearbox was replaced, the procedure took a similarly short period of time. The Beast has now re-opened.

In related news, Volcanic Impact is also subject to ongoing maintenance work. Speculation about the removal of the S&S Space Shot is unlikely as the ride takes up a relatively small footprint that would be difficult to replace with another thrill ride. The work being carried out is more likely linked to the replacement or removal of the remaining rails for the tilting seat function.

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