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Cosmetic Improvements
Posted By Chris on Wednesday 7th May 2008 @ 5:50 PM | Filed Under: General Park News

Cosmetic Improvements

It's a good few months into the park's thirteenth season, time for an update.

Absolutely Insane hasn't been in action so far this year, yet there are signs of life as the carriage is once again in place. This is a vast improvement over this time last year, when the carriage was still in pieces awaiting repair. Nevertheless, none of the safety beacons atop the towers, are working. New cables have also been sighted in the maintenance shed; the same issue that kept it from opening before July last year. However, it's unconfirmed whether spare cables were simply stocked there. Both Millennium and Odyssey were both successfully operating throughout this past weekend, with near to full loads on trains. However, Odyssey had a few hiccups as it kept over riding in the station so that the restraint release mechanism wasn't working. This was soon rectified after being closed for a short while.

Cosmetic improvements have been noticed around the park recently. IQ forum member, Stig, reported late last season that Amazing Confusion was beginning to look faded, he also noted that Millennium's supports were a bit 'grubby'. Now, both rides have received a paint job. Whilst Amazing Confusion 'looks as good as new', Millennium's supports have only been partially painted in bright red. Patches are still noticeable with only the grey undercoat on. Similarly, Volcanic Impact is noted to be adorning new flag poles after it was seen without any back in March.

Finally, buy one get one free vouchers for tokens are no longer featured in promotional leaflets or in the FunCoast brochure. Despite this, they are still available inside copies of the Skegness Standard.

Thanks to IQ forum member Martyn for the info.

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