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Amazing Confusion

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Amazing Confusion Remains Closed
Posted By Chris on Wednesday 15th September 2010 @ 10:16 PM | Filed Under: Amazing Confusion

Amazing Confusion Remains Closed

Amazing Confusion, the world’s first and only Mondial Ultra Max, has now been unavailable for over four months. When we first reported on this in June, a section of seats had been removed, providing access to the main arm. Since then, the ride has been almost completely deconstructed, with pieces of the ride scattered in various locations across the park. A section of the main support structure has reportedly been sent to Mondial to be repaired. At this stage, it remains unclear when Amazing Confusion will reopen.

Thanks to quin, Martyn, SLY 1 EA, vectra, samliverpool and sherman454 from the Island Quest forums for providing information and photos.

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