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Updated: Reduced Ride Availability
Posted By Chris on Thursday 16th September 2010 @ 8:38 PM | Filed Under: General Park News

Updated: Reduced Ride Availability

Update 29th September: Fantasy Island announced today that the park will not open on Mondays and Tuesdays until October half term. Reduced ride availability, as described below, will remain in effect on off peak days. The park will be open throughout the October half term holidays.

Fantasy Island have recently released information about ride availability for the rest of the season. During off peak times*, the following rides will be available; Carousel, Beast, Fantasy Mouse, Wreckers Cove, Elephants, Fantasia, Jelikins, Jets, Techno Jump, Millennium Roller Coaster, Mini Dodgems, Pony Express, Rhombus Rocket and Coconut Twist.

On standard days*, the park will open all rides, although may close certain rides during adverse weather conditions. Volcanic Impact and the Log Flume are currently unavailable due to maintenance work. Neither Gallopers, nor Amazing Confusion will reopen before the end of the season. To enquire about ride availability, the rides hotline is (01754) 615860 and the park are planning to post information about ride availability to their Facebook page.

* - Off peak days are during weekdays outside of school holidays. Standard days are weekends, and school holidays.

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