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Galloping into 2011
Posted By Chris on Monday 29th November 2010 @ 8:28 PM | Filed Under: Winter News

Galloping into 2011

As another year has passed, Fantasy Island has once again closed for winter and our discussion forums are rife with speculation about developments occurring at the park. A particularly shocking revelation is that Gallopers, the park's carousel, has already been removed from the park and is unlikely to return for the 2011 season. Having been installed in 1995, the traditional carousel is one of the oldest rides at the park. The ride has been prone to a significant amount of downtime in recent years, with the ride being unavailable for a number of months during both the 2009 and 2010 seasons. More changes are afoot for the 2011 season, as it is anticipated that a number of children's rides are due to be moved to their former location adjacent to The Beast and the Log Flume. At this stage it remains unclear as to what will take their place.

Thanks to SLY 1 EA, Martyn, and Steve for the updates.

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