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Innovative Marketing to Expand Recognition
Posted By Chris on Wednesday 26th June 2013 @ 2:30 PM | Filed Under: General Park News

Innovative Marketing to Expand Recognition

Fantasy Island has appointed Mark Gunner Associates (MGA) to develop the amusement park’s marketing strategy, with the intention to engage further with park visitors. MGA plans to implement a marketing platform known as liveTAP™. This is an innovative marketing platform that will use RFID technology to promote Fantasy Island as a ‘fun, entertaining and affordable destination for the whole family’.

liveTAP™ is intended to identify, track and reward activity at the resort. Exclusive rewards are planned to incentivise guests to use social media platforms to share their favourite aspects of the park. Laurence Davis, CEO of Conduit Leisure, has said in a statement that the company are keen to ‘expand recognition of the resort’ with the goal to ‘cultivate a new level of customer experience and consumer awareness for the company.’ This project will build upon existing marketing techniques and bridge the gap between traditional and online marketing. New campaigns are planned to start in July 2013.

Read more on the MGA website.

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