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Insane and Impact News *UPDATED*
Posted By Barry on Monday 21st May 2007 @ 6:57 PM | Filed Under: General Park News

Insane and Impact News *UPDATED*

We have the latest news and updates on the two tower rides that have suffered a large amount of downtime recently.

Absolutely Insane has now been down for 8 months, with this downtime beginning in September of last year. We have been informed by the park on many occasions that they are awaiting a part for the ride, a part from US manufacturers S&S. It's been reported that there have been two wrong deliveries which has caused huge delays. The problem apparently involves the control panel systems.

The latest information that I have states that the cables are in the process of being replaced and that the ride should be operational this Saturday.

However, very interestingly and curiously the park have removed the caging that surrounds the seats:

Seat Cages

Volcanic Impact reopened in time for the May Day bank holiday weekend. However, unfortunately the ride still does not tilt has we were informed by the park recently. Fantasy Island have responded to this with the following statement:

"The tilting seat mechanism is still in place but at the moment it is again causing the problem that initially led to tilting being stopped. Sorry if this has caused disappointment amongst your members but rest assured the tilting seat option is something that the rides manager is committed to resolving within the near future."

Update: 26/05/2007: It appears as though Absolutely Insane is being recabled. This is a process which started on Tuesday, it is unknown when it will be complete. The carriage is in pieces also.

As for Volcanic Impact, this ride is down again. This time for the removal of the rails on the tower which control the tilt function. This does not mean the definitive end of the tilting function as it is possible that they are simply being replaced.

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