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Island Quest | More Site Updates!
Posted By Barry on Saturday 23rd May 2009 @ 1:53 AM | Filed Under: IQ News

Island Quest | More Site Updates!

Explore the history of Fantasy Island with our two new additions to the IQ website:

Odyssey Coaster Construction Pics

Our latest gallery; Jubilee Odyssey construction photos spanning from early foundation work to the opening ceremony. Almost 200 images are now online.

> See Odyssey Under Construction

Old Rides

Find out about the rides that used to be at Fantasy Island. Including the worlds only ‘Giant Booster’ G-Force and Europe’s tallest Ferris Wheel; The Eye on the Coast.

> Check Out Old Rides

Beast & Confusion Pages Added
Posted By Barry on Wednesday 1st August 2007 @ 4:10 AM | Filed Under: IQ News

Beast & Confusion Pages Added

The BEAST and Amazing Confusion ride pages are now online. The pages feature facts and figures on the popular thrill rides as well as a selection of high quality photos.

[Amazing Confusion]


Look out for more ride pages appearing on-line very soon...

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Spring Bank Week Report
Posted By Barry on Sunday 3rd June 2007 @ 9:01 PM | Filed Under: Trip Reports

Spring Bank Week Report

I made my way down to Fantasy Island for the spring bank week, although it wasn’t too eventful I’ve compiled all the news from the week into this article:

Rain, Rain, Rain and More Rain!

Whoever made the journey down to the park last bank holiday weekend will know exactly what I’m talking about. From Saturday night through to bank holiday Monday it rained consistently causing the entire park to close on Sunday excluding the indoor rides. High winds forced even Millennium to close on bank holiday Monday.

Downtime Gets Absolutely Insane

The 240ft S&S Sky Sling has still not opened for 2007. Re-cabling was underway last Friday but since then no work has been done. Two of three cables have been replaced and several of the restraints have been removed. At this rate it appears that the reopening of this at one time tallest ride in the UK is still a long way off.

BIG Weekend Tickets On Sale

Tickets for “Fantasy Islands BIG Weekend” are now on sale at the Odyssey booth. The event will feature acts such as Status Quo and is set to take place on the weekend beginning Friday 31st August 2007. The event has been recently confirmed to be held in the main car park near the Odyssey coaster.

The event is also being very heavily advertised, with leaflets and posters situated at all token booths. Posters can also be seen on Planet Fun amusements as well as other locations around the park.

Ride Operation

All the rides were operating for the Friday and Saturday of the bank holiday weekend (excluding Absolutely Insane), however, very few rides were open on Sunday and Monday due to bad weather. Odyssey was down on Tuesday and Wednesday but reopened on Thursday for the rest of the week. Excluding Sunday and Monday Millennium was open all week as so were all other rides excluding the Sky Sling.

Things I Noticed

A few other notes about the spring bank week; firstly excluding bank holiday Saturday the park wasn’t very busy. We can blame the rain for Sunday and Monday but some very pleasant sunshine was around this weekend yet still only a poor turnout. On Saturday the 2nd June the operatives on Odyssey were only allowing riders on the front half of the train, and even then it was a challenge for them to fill these seats.

It’s important to note that they close the Odyssey and surrounding rides at 6pm on a regular basis these days. One other thing I noticed is that the surge of maintenance that was taking place in March and April has hit a dead-end. No work seems to be taking place at Fantasy Island at all at the moment.

Odyssey Strobes Removed
Posted By Barry on Sunday 3rd June 2007 @ 7:28 PM | Filed Under: Jubilee Odyssey

Odyssey Strobes Removed

In 2004 the pyramid was equipped with new lighting features which meant that the previous strobe lighting could be used on the Odyssey coaster. These strobes were attached to the fencing on the catwalk of the lift incline. In the night sky they would display a range of sequences and patterns.

Unfortunately, these strobes have been removed for an unknown reason. However, it is possible that they were removed due to technical glitches which were seen during 2006. Fixtures for the lighting is still intact so it is possible that this may be a simple replacement.

Planet Fun Expansion Complete
Posted By Barry on Sunday 3rd June 2007 @ 7:26 PM | Filed Under: Nearby Attractions

Planet Fun Expansion Complete

The new extension to the existing Planet Fun complex has now been completed. The two storey extension doubles the size of the existing unit. It has been open for public use for several weeks.

In a related story - the car park at the rear of Planet Fun amusements has also been converted into a multi-storey unit. However, only the first story of this car park is currently complete.

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