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Height Restrictions

Island Quest » Fantasy Island Trip Planner » Height Restrictions

Height Restrictions Chart
Provided on this page is a chart of all height restrictions for all rides. This includes both minimum and maximum height restrictions.

Ride Name Min Height (cm) Max Height (cm)
Jubilee Odyssey 130 n/a
Millennium Roller Coaster 120 n/a
Volcanic Impact 132 (age 12+) n/a
Amazing Confusion 137 (age 12+) 195
The BEAST 140 (age 12+) n/a




Fantasy Mouse 114 n/a
Rhombus' Rocket 100 n/a
Dragon Mountain Descent 110 n/a
Fantasy Flume 90 n/a
Techno Jump 100 n/a
Coconut Twist 122 n/a
Wreckers Cove No Restriction


Grand Prix Go-Karts No Restriction





Jellikins 100 160
Balloon Ride 100 n/a
Toucan Tours No Restriction


Magical Seaquarium No Restriction


Jungle Safari Ride n/a 140
Pony Express 100 n/a
Fantasy Carousel No Restriction


Formula 2000 No Restriction


Monkey Jump No Restriction


Jets 80 (at least 6years old) no adults
Elephant Ride No Restriction


Mini Dodgems n/a 133