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Get the scoop on the latest projects and future plans for Fantasy Island.

The Asylum

Promotional material for a new attraction, known as The Asylum, appeared around Fantasy Island toward the end of the 2011 season. Little information has been released by the park, but this is expected to be a refurbishment of the Toucan Tours monorail into a new horror based ride. This project has been postponed indefinitely.

Splash Zone

Plans were approved in September 2011 for changing facilities adjacent to the pyramid. The plans indicated that the park are intending to transform the market stalls adjacent to the pyramid into changing facilities for a splash zone attraction. It's currently unknown as to whether this will be developed further.

Market Expansion

Despite previous planning applications to the council being rejected, the park are continuing to push for further development of the market. The land to the rear of the main car park, adjacent to Odyssey, has been earmarked for this project for some time.

Last updated: December 2013

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