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Island Quest » Gallery » Features » The Skyline

A view of Fantasy Island from holiday resort - Butlins.

How Fantasy Island is seen from Ingoldmells beach.

The skyline as seen in 2004 from Roman Bank.

The view of Fantasy Island from my caravan window!

From the overspill car park.

Driving into Ingoldmells.

A view from a nearby swamp.

2004 as the night draws in.

Taken from the Coral Beach caravan park in the summer of 2005.

Look closely and you will see that both coasters are gracing their circuits.

Taken on the opening day of the Eye on the Coast.

Both of the big coasters in 2003 with the pyramid.

The skyline as is - from Sea Lane.

Just part of the skyline with a bit of greenery.

How the park looks if your a bird.

The skyline as is - from the car park.

The great fire of Fantasy Island back in 2003.

February 16th 2004, the day the skyline changed forever.

Construction for the 2004 season continues.

The skyline before the arrival of Odyssey.