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Island Quest » Gallery » Features » Night Photography

Millennium Lift Hill.

Odyssey lift hill

The gondola for Absolutely Insane

Absolutely Insane

The Eye on the Coast.

Absolutely Insane

Volcanic Impact and the helix of Millennium Roller Coaster

Reflection of The Eye on the Coast.

The entrance to the Eye on the Coast.

Close up detail on the 'eye' lighting on The Eye on the Coast.

Volcanic Impact, the pyramid, Absolutely Insane and Millennium Roller Coaster.

The skyline, featuring The Eye on the Coast, Absolutely Insane, Volcanic Impact, and Millennium Roller Coaster.

A birds eye view of the park, showing Absolutely Insane, Millennium, the pyramid and Volcanic Impact.

Millennium Roller Coaster, Absolutely Insane and the Eye on the Coast.

A moon lit beach on a clear night in Ingoldmells.

Fantasy Island signage on Sea Lane

Amazing Confusion