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Techno Jump Requires New Slew Ring
Posted By Chris on Friday 11th September 2009 @ 12:17 PM | Filed Under: Maintenance

Techno Jump Requires New Slew Ring

In June 2008, Leisure Technical Consultants reported their concerns regarding areas of Techno Jump that had become cracked. This is due to the level of stress that is put onto the various components of the ride during operation.

More fatigue cracks were reported in April 2009, revealing a 50mm long crack found on the circumferential weld securing the base of one of the Centre Hub Vertical Columns. The full extent of the damage to the Lifting Cylinder Attachment Brackets was only determined when the paint was removed.

Leisure Technical Consultants are a third party company which specialises in inspecting rides for a number of theme parks and amusement parks around the world; including Fantasy Island. The park are therefore required to operate rides in accordance with strict safety standards and would not operate rides in an unsafe condition. Rides are serviced thoroughly on all occasions when necessary before being permitted to resume operation.

After ongoing monitoring of the affected components, it has been since determined that the slew ring is unserviceable. Therefore, the decision has been made for it to be replaced. The part is due to arrive soon. However, since the ride needs to be completely stripped down to install it, it can't be confirmed at this stage when the ride will reopen. More information can be found here and here.

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