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Season Ends Sooner than Expected
Posted By Chris on Monday 2nd November 2009 @ 6:20 PM | Filed Under: General Park News

Season Ends Sooner than Expected

Fantasy Island usually close soon after the school half-term in late October. Nonetheless, last year the park made the move to extend the season by opening selected rides throughout November. The same was planned for this year. However the season has suddenly been cut short, as the official website now states that the season is over.

Reduced ride availability and low staff levels similarly indicate that stringent cost cutting appears to have been taking place at the park recently. Jubilee Odyssey was closed before the half term week, with parts of the train already being disassembled; ready for winter storage.

The market remains open weekends until Christmas and events are still being held in the bars.

Thanks to Vectra from the Island Quest forums.

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