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Cosmetic Improvements and Ride Downtime
Posted By Chris on Sunday 25th April 2010 @ 11:38 PM | Filed Under: General Park News

Cosmetic Improvements and Ride Downtime

Work is still taking place on a number of rides across the park, some of which are yet to open for the 2010 season.

Odyssey is still yet to reopen for the 2010 season. The train was reassembled and reinstated back on the track earlier this month and was seen testing on Saturday afternoon.

Volcanic Impact has received some TLC, as the interior walls of the volcano have been painted orange and red colours and the queue line has been reduced to a single fence around the entrance allowing for riders to get a better view of the car launching whilst they wait. The banners have made a welcome return on the ride car, but unfortunately there are no replacement flags for the top of the tower this year. A number of Rhombus Rocket's supports have been painted, but the ride is still yet to reopen for the 2010 season.

Beast, the park's Mondial Top Scan, has been subject to downtime recently as the ride has been disassembled for its oil to be changed as well as installing a new seal to the gear box. The space beside Beast remains vacant after the Circus Convoy ride and Safari Land Train were removed to make way for a temporary ice rink in autumnlast year.

The bingo hall on Sea Lane, which was being gutted during January 2009 has reopened this year as another arcade. A number of games stalls have opened around the park, with some being added to the area once occupied by Absolutely Insane. More rides have been added to the opposite side of Sea Lane, including a waltzer and chairoplane. These attractions are stand alone attractions on leased land owned by the park; therefore are not included in the Fantasy Island wristband promotion.

Thanks to SLY 1 EA, Martyn and st3v3n.

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