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Odyssey Opens for First Time in 2013
Posted By Chris on Sunday 2nd June 2013 @ 1:14 PM | Filed Under: Jubilee Odyssey

Odyssey Opens for First Time in 2013

Odyssey, at Fantasy Island, has now opened to guests for the first time this season.

Problems with Odyssey became clear when the train wasn’t returned to the track in the weeks leading up to the beginning of the season. Despite this, most of the other rides at the park opened on 16th March. Sources at the park confirmed that they were waiting for a replacement part from Odyssey’s manufacturer, Vekoma, before they could reassemble the train.

The train was eventually put back together in late May, but more problems with the brakes and seat restraint sensors were identified during the rigorous testing procedure. As soon as these problems were resolved, Leisure Technical Consultants were called in to approve the safety of the ride.

The ride opened to guests just after lunchtime on Sunday 2nd June and will remain open daily* until the end of the season. For the latest information about ride availability, check the Fantasy Island Facebook Page for daily announcements.

* - Odyssey will open subject to the park’s operating calendar and strict wind restrictions. During off peak periods, operation of Odyssey may be rotated on an hourly basis with Millennium Roller Coaster.

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