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Updated: May 2014 News Roundup
Posted By Chris on Tuesday 13th May 2014 @ 9:38 PM | Filed Under: General Park News

Updated: May 2014 News Roundup

Update (19/5/2014): The scaffolding around Volcanic Impact has now been completely removed, suggesting that the S&S Space Shot is due to reopen imminently. A new/refurbished train has been seen, in the process of being unloaded, in the Odyssey station recently. The train is now yellow with black restraints and it will be subjected to the usual tests before reopening to the public. Elsewhere, The Beast remains unavailable whilst maintenance work continues to take place. Chris Cunliffe has shared his photo update here.

As the park has been open for a couple of months, we take a look at the recent happenings at Fantasy Island.

New Park Map and Logo
Earlier this year, Fantasy Island carried out a complete rebrand. The amusement park showed off their shiny new logo and park map just before the park opened for the 2014 season.

Volcanic Impact
Over the last few months, extensive cosmetic work has been taking place on Volcanic Impact. The ride has been covered in scaffolding since February 2014. The new black paint job has been revealed as the scaffolding is in the process of being taken down.

The Beast
The Beast has been subject to some downtime over the last few weeks. As the ride has been stripped down, it has been speculated that the gearbox is the cause of the problem. Itís unclear when the Mondial Top Scan will reopen.

The Odyssey train is still nowhere to be seen. The reasoning for this is currently unclear, but similar delays were endured last year.

New Food Outlets
Elsewhere, Burger King has now opened in the drive-thru/restaurant outlet on Roman Bank; which has been previously occupied by McDonalds and a Mobility Scooter shop. There is also a new Subway kiosk located near Techno Jump and Millennium Rollercoaster.

Thanks to Dan Boot and Chris Cunliffe for the information.

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