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Odyssey and Volcano Open for 2014 Season
Posted By Chris on Tuesday 10th June 2014 @ 6:44 PM | Filed Under: General Park News

Odyssey and Volcano Open for 2014 Season

Odyssey, the park's Vekoma SLC, opened for the first time in 2014 last weekend. After being closed for several months, Odyssey now has a refurbished train; which features a new yellow colour scheme. Unofficial reports indicate that the park will be painting the track in the future as part of ongoing maintenance work to protect the ride from the harsh elements of the east coast.

Volcanic Impact has also reopened following several months of downtime this year. During this time, a major refurbishment project has been undertaken. The towering 200ft S&S Space Shot has been painted black and new banners have been attached to the ride car. Red flashing lights have been added to the loading area.

Elsewhere, The Beast has also recently reopened after being closed for a few weeks. The ride was stripped down completely as work has reportedly been carried out to the gearbox.

Thanks to Dan Boot, Liam Brittain and Barry Harley for the info.

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