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Techno Jump is Armless
Posted By Chris on Sunday 23rd December 2007 @ 4:30 PM | Filed Under: Winter News

Techno Jump is Armless

Two weeks ago, the arms for Techno Jump were seen being loaded onto a lorry. After being removed for scheduled maintenance, they’re heading back to the ride manufacturer, Satori, in Italy. The arms are being repaired and hopefully should be back at the park by the time the 2008 season begins.

In other off season news, the indoor themeing has reportedly been removed from inside the pyramid. Look out for more off season news over the coming weeks, and a special report as we make a trip to the park ourselves. In the meantime, check out the forums for all the latest in off season speculation, fact and gossip.

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Off Season Rumour Mill Hype
Posted By Chris on Sunday 9th December 2007 @ 1:06 AM | Filed Under: Winter News

Off Season Rumour Mill Hype

Off season leaving you feeling blue? Island Quest is here for you. Construction, regeneration, refurbishments or possible demolition could occur during this off season. Rumours of rides being removed, more market stalls being erected and the potential loss of the pyramid are all being discussed on the Island Quest forums.

Feel free to share any nuggets of information, speculation and hearsay that you come across. Of course, any other off season reports and pictures are all welcome additions to the boards. Barry and myself are planning on making an off season trip to see for ourselves what’s been happening in and around the park. And, as ever we’ll be on hand to discuss anything from Ingoldmells to Alton Towers as well as anything and everything in between.

Hot topics right now are discussion about the possible removal of Absolutely Insane, based on a bad season last year as well as the potential removal of the pyramid due to lack of appropriate planning permission. Fact based opinions or wishful thinking?

Discuss the latest developments and let everyone know what you think on the Island Quest forums now…

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Post of the Month: Oct & Nov
Posted By Chris on Sunday 9th December 2007 @ 12:45 AM | Filed Under: IQ News

Post of the Month: Oct & Nov

Apologies for the delay with the post of the month feature. Anyway, here’s October and November’s winning posts.

Back in October, Aly, our very own forum manager kick started Spooky Quest; where the IQ forums celebrated the festivities of Halloween. Taking this opportunity to reveal his plans to attend a fancy dress party dressed as a as a dead doctor, his alter ego likely slayed more hearts than he saved?

“Me being the social corpse that I am, have attend numerous fancy dress party dressed as a dead doctor! A friend managed to get me some real doctor scrubs which made my outfit look divine!”

Read the thread in full here.

Early speculation was ignited as the third of Absolutely Insane’s safety lights stopped working. Shrouded in moonlit darkness, Robbogt spotted that Volcanic Impacts light was still shining but flag poles had been removed. Fuelling the rumour of Absolutely Insane’s demise, it was suggested, by Robbogt, that Volcanic Impact might, once again, become the tallest ride in the park.

“I've been thinking about this. At one point V.I. was the tallest ride at F.I, so I suppose it would have had to have the red light on it from it's arrival.

As taller rides arrived, they would have had to be the aircraft warning beacon.

So it's a good assumption that the light has been there all along, just not needed to be illuminated. Why now though??”

Read the thread in full here

The park is closed for off season, but that’s no reason to neglect the Island Quest forums. Find out about the latest rumour, speculation and cold hard facts via the Island Quest forums. Don’t be shy, come on in and rant your heart out!

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Fantasy FM *Updated*
Posted By Chris on Sunday 7th October 2007 @ 10:56 PM | Filed Under: Misc

Fantasy FM  *Updated*

Ingoldmells could be set to get their own radio station as Fantasy FM has plans to form a community radio station that will broadcast from Skegness. If the application is approved by OFCOM, the station would be the first radio station dedicated to Ingoldmells, Skegness and Chapel St. Leonards. Despite sharing the name of Fantasy Island, there are no clear signs to affiliate the radio station with the park itself.

The station is currently recruiting volunteers to present for the station. The station is already set to broadcast online from their Skegness studio where presenters will be trained. Candidates have already been identified for the breakfast, afternoon drive and news editorial positions. The station is still looking for the daytime, evening and weekend presenters.

Update: Thursday November 15th 2007
Fantasy FM has been rebranded as 'Funcoast Radio'. This name change reflects the coastal location of the community radio station, and is "coming soon". The service also has a new website Funcoast Radio. Conraining little information, the site doesn't reveal anything more than before, or even the reason for the name change. One reason might be to eliminate confusion with Fantasy Island.

The press release for Fantasy FM is quoted below:-

“A local consortium of radio presenters, business leaders and volunteers are planning to become the first ever radio station dedicated to Skegness, Ingoldmells and Chapel St Leonard's. Playing a variety of music from the last forty years, the radio station will also feature on-air contests, local news, travel and sport. The station also plans to have a daily expert in the studio each morning to answer your questions on a variety of issues.

The station will also be the first in the UK to launch the MCAS (Missing Child Alert System) The Missing Child Alert System is something that is common place in America. If a child was to go missing, the radio station will temporarily break from normal programming to give out details of the missing child. The idea behind it is that if a child is abducted, the public will know instantly to look out for the child. The issue of children going missing was recently highlighted by the disappearance of Leicestershire child Madeline McCann in Portugal.

With the application due to be handed to the government agency OFCOM before Christmas, the management team of the radio station are looking to add more directors and would be presenters to the station, which is about to launch its online music and local news service. Project co-ordinator Elaine Forsythe said "To have a radio station dedicated to Skegness and Ingoldmells would be a dream come true foremost of the residents here, and the lack of coverage by current operators has fuelled the demand".

Station Director Richard Garvie was full of praise for the members of the public who have joined the station so far, and encouraged more to get involved. "This station is for the local people to make their own. The whole idea of community radio is to be open and accessible to all. That said, unlike most community stations in the UK who have already been licensed, we will treat this as a professional organisation and we will make sure that everybody who would like to become involved receives the proper training. We want this to be a station that can become the heart of the community and for that to happen the station needs to sound good and because of that reason alone, our standards will be the highest they possibly can be."

If you are interested in becoming a director of the station, or would like to find out more on becoming a presenter, or call Richard Garvie on 07954 255956.”

More news and information about Fantasy FM is available via their website.
Thanks to Island Quest forum member IngoldmellsLocalLaddie.

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Late Season Downtime for Odyssey
Posted By Chris on Sunday 7th October 2007 @ 9:51 PM | Filed Under: Jubilee Odyssey

Late Season Downtime for Odyssey

Jubilee Odyssey has been closed over the past weekend. Sightings of maintenance employees working on the lift hill suggest that there are problems with the lift hill motor and the train. It is unknown when the parks signature attraction will re-open.

Back in May, the park was confident that Jubilee Odyssey would have its most productive season ever. Until now, Odyssey has been performing better than ever. This statement came after several years of problems with the ride. In 2005, the train was sent back to Vekoma where the restraints were replaced with toughened steel after a restraint connector snapped. The train stalled in 2006 as it failed to complete the horseshoe turn; thought to be due to increased friction as the side wheels had been tightened to create a smoother ride experience. Although it’s unavoidable to close the 167ft. high attraction in high winds, this year Odyssey has been seen operating in what appear to be higher winds than previous years.

The rumour mill is still overloaded with speculation related to Odyssey’s future at the park. Despite this, the park confirmed to Island Quest in April that there are no plans to remove the attraction. The past season, Odyssey has been in operation more often than not. Regardless of heavy rain and flooding that may have caused visitor numbers to dwindle and ride closures, it appears that the park has lived up to their prediction with a season of improved productivity.

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