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Previous Park Logo 1995 - 1998

Unveiled in 1995 by HRH the Duke of Gloucester Fantasy Island was an instant hit with families, making their holiday’s in Ingoldmells (near Skegness) that bit more special. However, the Fantasy Island of 1995 was a mere shadow to what it is today; with the skyline yet to grow; simply forming of the pyramid, with the only roller coaster standing being Rhombus Rocket. Entertainment was one of the key amenities prior to the 21st century and the adding of any major ride attractions. A Top Spin on the current site of Beast was the only form of white knuckle adrenaline fun when the place first opened, which was eventually relocated to Pleasure Island and replaced with Volcanic Eruption in the year 1998; the parks first true thrill ride.

1995 Fantasy Island Skyline After over three years of construction in 1995 Fantasy Island was born, standing proudly on the landscape with its mystical glass pyramid and Polynesian style buildings. Upon the site that once stood a Sunday car boot sale and market with a small seaside fairground now stood the beginnings of what was soon to become the UK’s number one family visitor attraction...

1999 - Present

In 1999 something BIG appeared on landscape, to celebrate the impending 21st century arrived The Millennium Roller Coaster. The construction now encircles the older pyramid structure, pushing through 3 loops along the way. In the same year of the unveiling of Millennium behind the scenes the park were already planning something even bigger; the world’s largest suspended style roller coaster ... 4 years later this became a reality in the form of the Odyssey coaster which almost doubled the amount of inversions Millennium possesses as well adding a monumental height difference. This secured the parks place amongst thrill seekers. In the time which followed many rides came and went including the largest classical Ferris Wheel in Europe and the world’s only giant Booster ride. Since 1995 we’ve come to learn that Fantasy Island tops them all when it comes to outrageous plans, so who knows what the future may hold...
Fantasy Island Millennium Coaster 1999