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The Asylum

Promotional material for a new attraction, to be known as 'The Asylum', first appeared around Fantasy Island towards the end of the 2011 season. These posters indicated that 'The Asylum' would open for the 2012 season. Little more information was released by the park at the time, but it was rumoured that it would be an overhaul of the Toucan Tours dark ride.

Based on previous guest feedback, it was understood that the park were going to attempt a ghost train theme for the project. However in March 2012, Fantasy Island posted this statement to their official Facebook profile: 'The lunatics are still locked in the Asylum, we hope they will make an appearance in 2013, watch this space.' This project has since been postponed indefinitely.

265ft Suspended Looping Coaster

Original Odyssey Layout

In 1999 just after the opening of the Millennium Coaster it was revealed that the park was planning a second looping roller coaster. In 2001 the exact plans were finally revealed which stunned coaster enthusiasts worldwide. The new coaster was to be a suspended looping coaster with a lift hill of 265ft in height; taller than any coaster in Europe and the tallest suspended coaster in the world. This wasn’t the only impressive statistic - a 200ft tall loop was also to be part of this world class coaster, this would have been the tallest loop of any roller coaster in the world. The ride would have also smashed world records by being the longest of its kind in existence, and the fastest.

The plans for this ride also had three trains, which contained a total of four seats per row. Another interesting fact is that the lift hill would have in fact gone directly over the cars that drive down Sea Lane.

This ride was to be known as Odyssey, however it did not receive planning permission and was redesigned to be the ride you see today - Jubilee Odyssey. This is an inferior version to the original plans, which disappointed many. The height of the ride is 100ft lower than originally advertised, and in no way meets the 100mph speeds which the ride was billed at.

Stunt Flyer Coaster

Stunt Flyer Coaster Model

Stunt Flyer Coaster was a Hammerhead Stall model of roller coaster set to open in 2002 and then again in 2003. The layout resembled a giant U, with cars being lifted up one vertical tower and then dropped, gaining enough speed to travel up the second tower. Once the cars were at the top of each tower they would be held for a few seconds to rotate giving a new experience on the way back down. Stunt Flyer would have been placed behind Amazing Confusion where The Eye on the Coast once stood. The project was cancelled due to the technical difficulties that were experienced with the ride when testing at Vekoma factories.

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3 Pyramids

Model of 3 Pyramids

In 1998 Fantasy Island revealed their plans for the future, this included the Millennium Coaster however with something else, something unusual. The plan was to use the land in the current main car park to construct two additional pyramids, one a hotel, and the other a water park this would have also had a glass roof. All three pyramids were to then be linked by a monorail system. Unfortunately these plans were put aside to concentrate on a second roller coaster – Jubilee Odyssey.

Click here to see the original model created by Fantasy Island of the 3 pyramids.

Floating Theme Park

HMS Vengeance

A second world war aircraft carrier; Vengeance was set to be turned into a floating theme park. Setting sail from an harbour that would be built along the Ingoldmells coastline. The ship would be complete with rides and a shopping mall, costing around 10 million pounds in total. A 5,000 seat theatre would have been another of the on board attractions. 2005 would have been the completion date of this project.

Click here to see the original press release from the Skegness Standard.