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White Knuckle Thrills

Island Quest » Fantasy Island Present » Rides & Attractions » White Knuckle Thrills
Jubilee Odyssey Fantasy Island Jubilee Odyssey
The signature attraction, one of the world’s largest inverted coasters.
Millennium Coaster Fantasy Island Millennium Coaster
150ft tall looping roller coaster, built to celebrate the 21st century.
Beast Fantasy island Beast
A spine chilling hurtle through the air in a death defying rage. Generically known as a Top Scan.
Volcanic Impact Fantasy Island Volcanic Impact
A launch tower that blasts you 200ft into the air out of the pit of a volcano!
Fantasy Mouse Fantasy Island Fantasy Mouse
A classic Wild Mouse spinning roller coaster. The combination of a Waltzer and a modern coaster.
Amazing Confusion Fantasy Island Amazing Confusion
The world’s first Ultra-Max ride, similar to a travelling Frisbee however this ride does the full 360 degree spin.